DIY Oven Cleaning

This post will give you the one secret weapon to DIY oven cleaning.

We all know oven cleaning is that horrible job no one likes to do. But if you cant afford to get a professional in to clean it you may have to bite the bullet. In fact the longer you leave it the worse it gets.

We have cleaned many ovens in Bracknell, Bracknell Forest, UK and Ascot, Ascot, Windsor and Maidenhead SL5, UK over the last year.

We have experimented with many techniques and chemicals both commercial grade and standard supermarket products.

We would like to share with everyone the technique we find most powerful when it comes to oven cleaning.

But first to help you get ready you will need these items.

1 – Standard washing up liquid

2 – Plenty of of old rags or towels

3 – Something to soak your trays in i.e. gardening tray or something that will fit your trays and hold water click this link for an example of a soaking tray

4 – Metal Scourer

5 – DIY Oven cleaning Secret Weapon

Allow 3-4 hours to complete the process.

Now to get started, remove all racks and trays from oven. If you have appropriate tools to remove door and glass remove these also. Rubber door sills tend to remove fairly easily but be careful because if they snap they can be a nightmare to replace.

Place all parts in your dip tray and add washing up liquid.

Roll up one towel and place it inside the oven along the edge of the door to prevent liquid spilling out of the oven. Again add washing up liquid inside the oven.

Now add the Secret Weapon – Boiling water straight from the kettle. 

We have found that albeit simple and understated, boiling water is perfect for degreasing and the temperature  is ideal for breaking down carbon deposits.

Fill the tray with boiling water then pour boiling water inside the oven. You will need to re-fill your kettle several times but it will be worth it.

Allow 20-30 minutes to soak, then scrub with the scourer. After this dry with rags.

Tip – An old butter knife can be used to scrape the baked on carbon as it is hard enough scrape but not sharp enough to leave scratches.

Repeat the boiling water Soak, Scrub & Dry process and you are guaranteed to get your oven shining like new


We hope this helps but if you do not have the time to clean your own oven then why not call in the professionals;

D&J Cleaning Services – Oven Cleaning Bracknell & Ascot  T: 01344 266 299

An oven cleaned with the boiling water technique

An oven cleaned with the boiling water technique




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