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Residential Window Cleaning In Ascot.


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We have cleaned variety of size & styled homes as well as commercial buildings & schools. We know how to approach any type of job. Our team has refined our cleaning techniques to an exact standard on how to clean a window. Ascot Window Cleaners aim to produce satisfied customers with by providing high quality Window Cleaning Services. We will ensure that the window is clean to a precise standard. The new and improved window cleaning technology we use guarantees that our customers receive the professionally cleaned windows that they desire.


Office Window Cleaning in the Ascot area.


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At Ascot Window Cleaners we tailor our window cleaning solution to each property. Our window cleaning service starts with a safety inspection and ends with a quality of work spot check.

We aim to ensure that your windows are perfectly clean without interrupting your business activities.

Our team members use telescopic poles to reach all windows, no matter the height, no matter the size.

Office & Executive Window Cleaning.


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People and Properties have become more technologically advanced, so too has Window Cleaning. Ascot Window Cleaners has spent 5 years developing long-standing partnerships with property managers, facility managers and executive housekeepers.

Our personal approach to Window Cleaning Services is designed to provide a better customer experience, superior results and long-term savings.

Our team uses the most up-to-date, safe and non-toxic  cleaning products and processes to ensure that your high-rise, office property, or executive home are perfectly maintained.

Our use of cutting-edge technology saves you money by accurately predicting service and product needs.

Ascot Window Cleaners is your one stop single source provider for all your Window Cleaning needs. Whether you need a one off visit or a regular cleaning schedule, contact Ascot Window Cleaners to handle it all. We look forward to the hearing from you!

Ascot Window Cleaners – It’s all about using the right tools.


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For decades, people have used rags, crumples up newspaper, or paper towels to clean their windows.

Did you know that these tools are just smearing that dirt around? They do not actually really remove much of the dirt and grime built up on your window surfaces.

Today’s professionals have one indispensable tool they rely on when it comes to cleaning your windows:  The professional window cleaning pole system. Unlike rags and newspaper, the rubber soft bristle brush does not create static electricity and actually removes dirt particles from your window and they purified water rinses all these particles of the frames and glass then dries streak-free.

Not only does this mean you actually get a streak-free clean the first time, but you will not need to clean your windows as often either.

Clean Windows make your home look good!


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When it comes to your home’s appearance, beautifully clean windows are a must. They insure you can see what is going on outside, but they also allow natural light to flow into your living spaces.

It is true that cleaning windows can feel like an extremely tedious task for most homeowners.

A common problem when it comes to cleaning your windows is that it can consume hours of your time scrubbing, only to see smears and streaks on your glass at the end.

Save yourself the hassle, and call Ascot Window Cleaners to help you make your home look good!

Affordable Window Cleaning Service in Ascot.


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When you require a Window Cleaning contractor, you can rely on Ascot Window Cleaners for high quality services and reasonable prices you can afford. We strive to provide our customers with the service they deserve squeaky clean windows, professionalism, and reliability. We treat our customers like family and go out of our way to ensure each and every customer is totally satisfied with our window cleaning services.

The Best Window Cleaners in Ascot.


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At Ascot Window Cleaners our goal is to be your first choice of all Ascot Window Cleaners. Whether you need one off End of Tenancy Window Cleaning or if you need to be set up on a regular cleaning schedule we will take care of your entire window cleaning requirement. We offer professional window cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. So if you need a Window Cleaning contractor for any reason at all choosing us would be a great decision.

Professional Ascot Window Cleaners.


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If you are in need of window cleaning in the Ascot area allow us to offer you our services. Our professional window cleaners will strive to exceed your expectations and make sure you are completely satisfied with any window cleaning work you may need. Our goal is to provide our customers with professionalism, squeaky clean windows, and affordable prices. Our window cleaning service is designed to leave our customers happy they chose to do business with us.

We understand the importance of starting each project on schedule and finishing in a reasonable amount of time while also doing a very thorough job. We clean internal and external windows including skylights and windows in hard to reach places. Our professional window cleaning work and reasonable pricing has earned us a reputation as the best window cleaners in the Ascot. If you are interested in our window cleaning service all you need to do is fill out our quick contact form and we will get back to you right away to arrange a free quote.


Welcome To Ascot Window Cleaners.



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We are a professional Window Cleaning Service offering Commercial and Domestic Window Cleaning to Ascot Window Cleaners are proud to offer some of Ascot most reasonable rates for professional Window Cleaning & Gutter Clearing Services.

We have cleaned windows for many well-established and well-known Hotels, offices and some of the most difficult buildings in the area and elsewhere, such as Cantley House Hotel and many more.

What does Ascot Window Cleaners do?


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As it sounds, Window Cleaning is basically cleaning off all the frames & glass surfaces on windows. Externally we use a telescopic pole; internally we wash all glass by hand with a hand held sponge and remove all dirt and grime with a squeegee. Depending on the needs of the client, we can clean internal windows, or both the internal and the external windows.